About Us

I was on my weekly trip to the grocery store. My kids were very young and I was feeling like I was needing a much needed break. While strolling past a magazine rack I was suddenly stopped by the beauty of a long haired, tall eared, white whiskered, plumy tailed cat. I had no idea what type of cat this was but knew I was not going to leave that store until I found out. The magazine was an issue of Cat Fancy magazine and the cat on the cover was a Maine Coon.

I got my first alter Maine Coon from a breeder in Canada. I was so excited to get her. I picked her up from SeaTac airport at 13 weeks old. I was absolutely in love with this girl that I named Mandy. Mandy was my soul kitty. She was with me through the hardest times of my life. I am a survivor of domestic violence. Mandy always knew how to comfort me in the worst of times.

I went through a divorce and was a single mother of four kids. Mandy never left my side. My unfailing prayer to God was if he brought someone into my life that he needed to love my children and my cats. I would not accept anything different. Mandy was terrified of men until the day she met Chris, my husband. She loved him like she loved me. I knew he was a good man as Mandy told me so.

I had my faithful companion for 16 wonderful years when she was diagnosed with lung cancer. I told her it was ok for her to go that Chris was always going to take care of me. This was the hardest day of my life. After Mandy’s departure I was heartbroken and knew I needed to have another Maine Coon. This started me on a quest that has led me in a direction of fulfilling a passion I have always wanted to do. We are blessed to have our first breeding girl and call our
cattery Kindred Coon Maine Coon Cats. We are a very small cattery in Skagit County, Washington.

Our cats are registered with TICA. We are committed fully to overall health and well-being. We provide a balanced raw diet for optimal health and wellness. Our cats are our family members and provide us with countless hours of entertainment and constant love. We are committed to remaining small and having few cats to dedicate our time and energies to these amazing cats. Our vision is to always preserve the natural qualities of their heritage. Maine Coons love nothing better than following you from room to room, bringing you toys, and hard head bumps. Our boys have silly behaviors while the females are a little more dignified. They do love to sit in the window and trill at the birds. The best part is when they come sit on your lap or right next to you sharing a never ending supply of love and trills. There is nothing better than being owned by one or many of these “gentle giants” called a Maine Coon.